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Noodle Eatery

Noodle Time


Togo orders for pickup and delivery orders via Doordash, Ubereats and Grub Hub.

Lunch or Dinner

It’s Noodle Time!

1554 E Olive Way

Seattle, WA 98102

Seasonal Specials

Spicy Chow Mien Salad (medium spicy)

Vegan chow mien,chili-lime sauce,  tomato, herbs, shredded carrots, red onion, green onions, then topped over the greens.
Choice of meats
Chicken, Pork or Tofu  $15
Duck or prawns            $18
Vegetarian Beef            $18
Vegetarian Chicken      $18

mango with sticky rice

Limited time only $9

Spicy Asparagus Noodle
(1 star spicy)

Your choice of noodle, cashew nuts, asparagus, house made spice-hoisin sauce, bell pepper, green onions, carrots, and kale.

Choice of meats
Chicken, Pork or Tofu   $17
Duck or prawns             $20
Vegetarian Beef             $20
Vegetarian Chicken       $20


Our Story

Due to changes in food trends, the diversity of diners also increase. More and more customers were asking if we have actual meat. You talk. We listen. We changed our restaurant concept to expand our  menu with more choices and options while still under the same ownership of In the Bowl Vegetarian Bistro


A little more details on the new concept as follows:

1. We will still be using the same sauce and recipe all suitable for vegan & vegetarian.
2. There will be separated soup broth for meat broth and vegan broth.
3. All cooking utensils will be used separately. All woks are thoroughly cleaned for vegetarian dishes.
4. There will be no use of fish sauce.
5. Different menu sections for real meats and imitation meats.
6. We are still using the same phone number

good food

Enjoy New Menu!

New and improved menu with new exciting selections.


1554 E Olive Way

Seattle, WA 98102

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